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I just love to soak in the bath tub using the Heavenly Herbal Milk and Oatmeal Bath Soak. Keep up the good work.

Kanako / Powell, OH


Welcome to our new website!


Welcome to our new website!. We are constantly adding new products and pictures to better inform you, our valued customers. We will soon be expanding our natural product selections, including several new products over the next few months, so please bookmark us and stop back often to see how we are growing!

If you have any questions or comments Click info@twolittlebunnies.com or email info@twolittlebunnies.com to contact us

You can also reach us by calling: 937-828-1014

Thanks for checking us out!

Melissa Wozniak


We are committed to bringing you the absolute finest products for your bath, body, skin care, and even pets. We use only the purist and most natural, gentle ingredients, no harsh chemicals or Sodium Laurel Sulfates. Our ingredients are not animal derived, and are certified organic and vegan where noted.

Our mission is to provide you with the best possible quality for a fair price, without compromising our environment to do it. We encourage and reward our customers who recycle, and practice recycling of all materials both at our homes and our offices.

As true animal lovers, we believe in supporting local animal shelters, pounds, and rescue organizations. As a result, we strive to donate a minimum of 2% of our total profits each month to programs throughout our area to assist in the day to day operations and maintenance of these shelters. As we grow, we will revise our donation percentage upward, and expand our donations to include national and international programs which support our standards and values in life and business. 

Come and grow with us! Your purchases can make a difference!


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